Understanding Different Kinds of AC Systems and Their Installation Process

Posted on: 23 January 2024


The summer season can be unbearable without a reliable air conditioning system. Fortunately, there are different kinds of AC systems available in the market that can cater to your cooling needs. However, before you choose the right AC system for your home, it is essential to understand the different types and their installation processes. This blog post will give you an understanding of various AC systems and their installation procedures, helping you make the right choice for your home.

Split Air Conditioning System:

Split AC units comprise two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on a wall or mounted on the ground outside the home to expel hot air. On the other hand, the indoor unit is fixed inside the house and mounted on a wall or floor. This system is aesthetically appealing, energy efficient, and quiet. Installation of the split AC system requires professional expertise, which often comes at an extra cost.

Central Air Conditioning System:

The central AC system is the most expensive and powerful AC unit used for cooling an entire house. This system comprises a compressor, condenser, ducts, and vents located throughout the house. As the name suggests, this system cools the entire house, making it the most comprehensive AC system on the market. The installation process is complex and requires expert installation. This system requires a ventilation and ductwork system, making it unsuitable for small apartments.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems:

Ductless mini-split AC units are similar to split AC systems, except they do not require ducts for installation. These systems consist of an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit, along with a conduit for connecting the two. They are often installed when ductwork installation is not practical, making them ideal for small spaces and older homes. However, this system's installation is often more expensive than that of the ducted AC systems.

Having a reliable AC system is critical, especially during the summer season. Choosing the right AC system comes down to your home's size, budget, and style requirements. Each installation process varies based on the type of AC system you choose, and it is essential to get expert help to ensure optimal cooling and energy efficiency for your home. With the information provided in this blog post, you can make informed decisions on the different kinds of AC systems and their installation process.

For more information about AC installation, contact an HVAC professional in your area.