How To Stay Ahead Of Furnace Repair Issues

Posted on: 14 February 2023


Over a furnace's operating life, it's likely going to need some repairs. The sooner you contact a heating repair technician, the lower the long-term cost of any problems is probably going to be. How do you stay ahead of furnace repair issues, though? Here are a few tips for finding and fixing problems with furnaces. 

Annual Inspections

If you want to significantly reduce the risk of surprise repair bills, the best option is to ask a technician to perform an annual inspection. They will check that the ducts are clear, the burners are working, and that supporting systems like the condenser are in good order. An inspection doesn't guarantee that something unexpected won't pop up, but it does increase your odds of catching problems early.

Schedule an annual inspection early in the fall or even late in the summer. If the technician does uncover an issue, then they'll have time to order parts and do work. Also, your home shouldn't be too chilly if you have to wait a few days in August or September versus dealing with these problems in January.

Study Current and Past Bills

Your home's utility bills are also excellent clues about whether furnace repair work is in the near future. Notably, you need to compare the older bills to the current ones. If you see an increase in energy consumption, there could be a problem. However, don't let one year-over-year comparison for a single month send you looking for heating repair options. The long-term trend is important, but there are going to be fluctuations based on cold or warm months.

Also, watch the unit consumption and not the dollar price. If the bill goes up, it could just be because the utility company raised the rate.


A poorly functioning heating unit will tend to get noisier than usual. For example, a failing blower motor could cause squealing, grinding, or crunching sounds. Also, you want to listen for any sounds of explosive ignition. If there's a thump or boom in the system, you want to shut everything down and contact a furnace repair professional immediately.


Especially with gas systems, a noticeable smell is a sign of problems. Gas smells are always bad, and this is another reason to shut the system down and ask for help right away. Musty smells could also indicate something is blocking airflow or the system isn't burning as efficiently as expected.

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