5 Pieces Of Misinformation Out There About Commercial Plumbing Contractor Services

Posted on: 15 December 2022


As a business owner, you need to be well-informed about keeping your facility's plumbing fixtures in top shape. The following are five pieces of misinformation out there to be aware of about commercial plumbing contractor services.  

All commercial plumbing contractors perform the same services.

Business owners need to carefully research their options when choosing a commercial plumbing contractor. Not all commercial plumbing services are the same. In fact, some commercial plumbers may specialize in servicing company facilities within a particular industry. 

Consider the unique plumbing service needs you face at your commercial facilities and make sure that you find a contractor that can handle these unique needs with expertise. 

You can't expect warranty coverage on commercial plumbing services.

Large commercial plumbing jobs should come along with warranty coverage. Warranty coverage ensures the quality of commercial plumbing work. If you're having a large plumbing fixture installed at your facility, you should make sure that it is covered under warranty if possible in case you need repairs in the near future. 

The condition of commercial plumbing equipment doesn't affect overhead costs that significantly.

In some industries, plumbing repair needs and plumbing fixture efficiency can have a big impact on overhead costs. Keeping plumbing fixtures maintained and investing in efficient fixtures can increase the profitability of your commercial ventures. 

Your commercial plumbing contractor is the only person who is responsible for the condition of your plumbing fixtures.

If you want to avoid plumbing malfunctions, it's important for you to get your staff on board. Make sure that staff members are trained to use plumbing fixtures properly.

Train staff to avoid damaging plumbing fixtures by putting items that they shouldn't down drains. You should also train employees to use plumbing fixtures efficiently to avoid excess costs due to excessively high utility bills. 

A company's own staff members can handle commercial plumbing work as well as a professional plumbing contractor.

You might be tempted to try to have commercial plumbing work handled in-house by your own employees. However, this is usually a bad idea. There are many advantages that you can enjoy by hiring a commercial plumbing contractor rather than trying to have your own staff do plumbing work.

You can have more confidence in the quality of the plumbing work you have done when it is performed by a professional commercial plumber. Hiring a commercial plumber rather than trying to do plumbing work in-house also frees up your employees' time and allows employees to focus on their main job roles.