Electrical Issues Your Home's HVAC Can Experience

Posted on: 24 June 2022


Electrical issues can be among the more complicated problems that your HVAC system can encounter. More specifically, there are several common electrical issues that can be particularly impactful on your system's performance.

Drawing Excessive Power From The Electrical System

An HVAC system will be among the most energy-intensive appliances that you will have in your home. However, there can be malfunctions with the electrical system that can cause the HVAC system to draw significantly more power from these systems. In some cases, this could exceed the capacity of the electrical system, and this may lead to the breakers flipping. Eventually, this problem could lead to significant damage to the HVAC system and even the wiring in the home.

Loose Wiring Connections In The Air Conditioning System

Loose connections in the wiring can be another issue that could impact the HVAC system. These loose connections could lead to the power supply to the HVAC system becoming disrupted. Unfortunately, the vibrations that the HVAC system is producing can contribute to the loose connections forming, and it can also make them significantly worse in a short amount of time. Finding these loose connections can be a challenge as a person will need to have the experience to understand the most probable source of the loose connection. They will also need equipment to test the repairs to make sure that the HVAC system will provide you with reliable performance.

Damage From Electrical Surges Striking The System

Electrical surges can be an overlooked threat to an HVAC system. However, these surges can be more than powerful enough to cause extensive damage to the unit. In fact, it may even be possible for these surges to completely destroy important components of the HVAC unit's electrical system. If your HVAC system has fallen victim to this type of damage, a comprehensive inspection and test of the unit will be needed to determine the full scope of the damage that occurred so that you can decide whether it is worth it to repair these issues or to invest in a complete replacement. You can mitigate the threat of this source of electrical damage occurring to the system by connecting it to a surge suppression system that can intercept any surges before they can reach the sensitive components of the HVAC unit. A professional HVAC electrical repair contractor can assist you with choosing a surge suppression system and making sure that it is properly connected to the system to provide maximum protection.