4 Odd Noises The Air Conditioner Makes And The Recommended Repairs

Posted on: 9 May 2022


There is nothing scarier than experiencing odd noises from the appliances in your home. Your air conditioning system is one of the appliances that routinely make unusual noises when it has a mechanical problem. It is possible to diagnose and repair the unit depending on the noise it makes. Here are four of the most common odd noises your air conditioner might make and the ideal way to fix them.

When the Unit Keeps Buzzing

Most air conditioner units operate with a soft humming sound. However, sometimes the humming might escalate into a buzz, and homeowners will easily overlook it. However, a buzzing noise could indicate that your system has lost or unbalanced fan blades in the outdoor condenser unit. Speak to a competent repair technician to help diagnose the cause of the problem.

When the Unit Starts Hissing

Hissing is one of the most common sounds made by leaky air ducts or a dysfunctional refrigerant line. The noise happens when the AC has a leak. It signifies that parts of the compressor coils have holes, and the refrigerant is seeping through them. A leak minimizes the efficiency of your unit. It can also lead to health complications like headaches when the volatile organic compound escapes and gets trapped inside the house. You should treat a leak in the system as an emergency that needs immediate repair. 

When the Unit Is Screeching

Screeching is an indicator that something is wrong with the mechanical parts. Often, it happens when a moving component is loose or has started wearing out. It could also indicate that the motor has issues that need repair. You might not have the skill and expertise to troubleshoot and fix loose parts of the AC, and you need a technician for repairs. They will assess the system condition and fix the broken bits, restoring quietness in your home. 

When the Unit Keeps Banging

Banging noises can be alarming, especially when coming from the air conditioner unit. Typically, they indicate that you have a loose bolt or screw inside the unit. They could also signal a more complex problem like a damaged motor or blower. You can only be sure of the cause by calling in a professional to assess the system and recommend the ideal repairs. 

These are just a few air conditioner problems that might need your help resolving. Speak to an air conditioning repair technician to help you troubleshoot and fix all system issues that might lead to unit breakdown and eventual failure.