Signs It's Time To Get Help With Furnace Repairs

Posted on: 22 March 2022


If your furnace isn't working well, it's a good idea to call a furnace repair company and get the furnace checked out rather than operate it with malfunctioning parts. Running the furnace if a part is malfunctioning could cause another part to burn out, and the damage will continue to escalate. Here are some signs that furnace repair could be needed and it's time to get a professional opinion:

The Air Coming Out Isn't Warm

This isn't a good problem to have since your furnace might run constantly but your house is still cold since the furnace isn't putting out heat. If you have an electric furnace, the problem might be bad heating coils or a bad sequencer that turns the coils on. If you have a gas furnace, the gas burners might be clogged up so they are unable to turn on and heat the air.

The problem might be with the thermostat instead, so the furnace repair technician can check the error codes on your furnace and then start troubleshooting to see where the problem is located. Once the issue is identified, furnace repairs can get underway.

The Furnace Makes New Noises

A furnace isn't completely silent, but you should recognize when it's making new noises. The noises could be signs of trouble, so it's best to pinpoint the cause to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with your furnace.

For instance, a rattling noise may be nothing more than a loose panel or a screw that's vibrating against the metal furnace. However, a bang could be from a mini-explosion that happens when gas builds up in your furnace. This could turn into a big problem if too much gas builds up and blows soot out of the furnace. The constant bangs could also cause the furnace to crack or sustain other damage, so some new sounds can be signs of serious problems.

The Thermostat Loses Control

If the thermostat doesn't seem to control when your furnace kicks on and off any longer, the problem might be with the wiring, control board, or the thermostat. This can be an annoying problem since it could cause your house to get too hot or too cold.

Plus, if your furnace runs all the time because of the malfunction, your power bill will go up. The furnace repair technician may use a multimeter to test the wiring and other parts to find the problem and then fix it.

The Furnace Doesn't Blow Air

If your furnace doesn't put out air at all, the issue could be with the blower motor. If the blower fan, capacitor, or motor develops an issue, it affects how much air comes out of the ducts. If the motor won't start up at all, there will be no air coming out of the ducts, and your house will get cold fast. You don't want that to happen, and you may even need emergency furnace repairs to get your furnace working fast.