3 Causes Of An AC Blower Fan Malfunction

Posted on: 28 February 2022


If you can hear your air conditioner outside running, but the blower isn't running inside, the problem is somewhere in the air handler. If the blower isn't working, then your house will not stay cool very long. Call an AC repair service right away before your home gets hot and stuffy. Here are some things that cause this problem.

1. A Bad Capacitor

When the blower fan first starts up, it needs more power than it needs to keep running once the cage is spinning. A capacitor supplies this extra bit of power the motor needs to get started. Capacitors are relatively inexpensive parts of your AC that are easy to reach and replace.

They generally don't last as long as the rest of your AC equipment, so if your blower stops working and won't start, you might suspect the capacitor is bad. An AC repair technician can test the part with a multimeter and determine if it's bad, and if it is, the technician can replace it.

2. A Burned-Out Blower Motor

If the blower motor has to struggle to turn the fan, the motor can overheat and burn out. This problem is preventable in some cases by having regular maintenance on your AC and by not running the AC when the blower is showing signs of trouble.

When the motor burns out, it has to be replaced, and this AC repair is more expensive than simply replacing a bad capacitor. For that reason, try not to run your air conditioner when it's having problems until a repair technician can figure out what's wrong and fix the issue.

3. A Clogged Filter

It may not seem like a dirty filter is a big issue, but a clogged filter causes a number of issues with your AC, and some problems can be expensive to repair. A clogged filter leads to a dirty blower fan. This creates problems because a filter that's coated in dust restricts airflow.

Your air handler needs a proper amount of airflow to work properly. Plus, when the blower is coated with dust, it won't spin freely, and that compounds the problem. Fortunately, you can prevent the need for AC repairs due to a dirty air handler by replacing the filter on time and by having the blower fan cleaned every year. If you get lax with cleaning, the dirty equipment may cause your AC to shut down.

When you notice your home warming up and the blower isn't kicking on, check your filter first and also check the thermostat to make sure the settings are correct. If neither of those seems to be the source of the problem, call an AC repair company and explain the malfunction so you can get help.