Experiencing Boiler Problems? 4 Main Reasons Why They Fail

Posted on: 2 November 2021


A sudden breakdown of your home's boiler system can come as a shock to you, especially when it happens in the colder seasons. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not even notice that their units have issues until the damage reaches the level of complete failure. It is advisable to always be on the lookout for signs of possible boiler failure so that you can speak to a competent repair technician about timely repairs. Here are four common reasons why boilers fail and how to handle them. 

When the Boiler Is Too Old

Boilers can serve you for decades when you maintain them well. However, after the first two decades, the boiler's efficiency will decrease significantly. The unit will also start breaking down more often than before. You should consider repairing the malfunctioned parts of the system if you have noticed that you are constantly handling a broken bit of the unit and it is more than fifteen years old. The repairs should involve replacing the malfunctioned parts for improved efficiency. 

When the Circulator Pump Fails

The circulator pump is another essential component of the boiler system. It is also the part that delivers hot water to the radiators located throughout the home. When the circulator fails, your home stops getting the needed hot air supply. Consequently, you might turn on the boiler and notice that the house remains cold. The circulator pump has a similar lifespan to the entire boiler. However, it often fails faster when neglected or poorly maintained. You should call a repair technician to assess the pump condition and determine whether it needs replacement. 

When It Keeps Leaking

Leaking is a serious boiler problem. It signifies that the boiler has undergone excessive stress and fatigue. Also, as the boiler ages, some parts corrode or rust and start leaking water. It is best to have a boiler expert look at your unit and determine the cause of the damage and possible repairs. 

When the Pilot Light Fails

Pilot lights are a feature of gas and oil boilers. They provide the flame that ignites the unit and sets the healing process in motion. If the pilot light fails, your boiler stops working efficiently. The problem is relatively easy to handle when you allow a professional to do it.

These are common reasons behind boiler system failure. You should consult a competent boiler repair technician once you notice issues with your boiler. Timely repairs will spare you breakdowns in the middle of the winter. Contact a boiler repair service to learn more.