Heating And Boiler Installation: What You Should Know Before Installing A Radiant Heating System

Posted on: 16 September 2021


If you are looking for an affordable and efficient solution to keep your family warm during the winter months, radiant heating might be the answer. These systems use boilers and hydronic heating, which might use radiators, in-floor heating, or conventional HVAC options. If you plan on installing radiant heating, you are going to need to have a boiler installed. The following boiler installation options will provide your home with efficient radiant heating:

Energy-Efficient Gas Boilers

The first option that you are probably considering for your radiant heating is an energy-efficient gas boiler. There are several options for energy-efficient gas boilers. These boilers are designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently than older heating oil boilers. In addition, they can use various fuels, such as natural gas and propane. When installing the gas boiler, you are going to need a model designed for the type of fuel that you have access to. This might mean you also need to have a propane or natural gas tank installed.

Biomass Boiler Systems

Another highly efficient boiler system that you might want to consider for your radiant heating is a biomass boiler. These systems use natural, organic fuel materials like firewood and agricultural waste materials. There are many benefits to using biomass boilers, such as the renewable resource fuel materials, which can be natural firewood or pellets made from waste. This gives you a wider versatility for the fuel source you choose to use with your radiant heating system.

Oil Boiler Systems

Often, when people think of oil boilers, they think of a dirty boiler and an old heating oil tank. Recent innovations have improved oil boiler technology to burn cleaner and more efficiently. This makes them a viable choice for the boiler you have installed for the radiant heating in your home. In addition to cleaner, efficient designs, modern oil boilers can also use green heating oils made from recycled grease.

Hybrid-Electric Boiler Systems

Another option that you might be considering is a hybrid electric boiler. These are some of the most efficient boilers that you can have installed for a radiant heating system. They look a lot like an electric water heater and can be installed in smaller spaces. A hybrid electric boiler is ideal for smaller homes and smaller radiant heating systems. They can also be an efficient solution to provide your home with hot water.

With so many heating and boiler installation options, deciding what system is right for your home can be a little confusing. Contact a residential boiler installation service for help choosing the right solutions for heating in your home.