Information About Malfunctioning Furnaces And When You May Want To Repair Or Replace Them

Posted on: 23 December 2020


You need to know your furnace is going to kick on and keep your family warm in the winter. In fact, in certain conditions, a furnace going out is an emergency situation, so you want to call the HVAC repair company and let them know that you are dealing with an emergency situation because the furnace won't produce any warmth. There are times when the furnace may be acting up in a way that lets you know it's time to replace it as well. Here are some questions about furnace issues, along with their answers:

Why is the furnace leaking water?

If your furnace is leaking water, there may be a couple of different things that are going on with it. When you are finding water, the problem can be a clog in an internal drain line, or there may be a faulty humidifier or secondary heat exchanger and these are also things you want a tech to take care of. The issues can be different for a high-efficiency furnace. This type of furnace will create more condensation and this condensation will go down the floor drain. 

If the furnace leaking water is just one more thing that you have found yourself needing to tend to, then you may want to think about having the furnace replaced. If you have an older furnace, then you can expect these types of repairs to continue. Fortunately, putting in a new furnace will give you peace of mind, save you money on repair expenses, and best of all it will reliably keep your home heated.

What causes a furnace to blow cool air?

If your furnace is blowing cool air, then you want to check things out a bit yourself first because something simple can be happening. Make sure you have it on the right settings, which would typically be 'auto', then check to make sure you have it set to a temperature that's warmer than what it already is inside of the home. 

You also want to check to make sure the filter is still clean. If it's dirty then put in a new one and see if this corrects the problem. Finally, make sure that the pilot light is on. If none of these things seem to be the issue, then you want to have someone take a look and find the problem for you, because there may be something going on with it internally. Your furnace may have extensive damage and if this is the case then you want to have it replaced. In some cases, the damage can't be repaired and in other cases, the repair costs may be too expensive where it only makes sense for you to replace the whole unit. On the upside, replacing your furnace with a new one means you can expect to get many years of use before you would need to start dealing with repair issues again. Contact a furnace replacement company for more information.