Air Conditioning Repair Service: 3 Signs All Is Not Well With Your Air Conditioning Unit's Condenser

Posted on: 20 November 2020


Your air conditioner has a series of parts that have to work in tandem to keep the conditions inside your house perfect. When warm air from your home passes through the evaporator, the cold refrigerant absorbs the heat in it and evaporates. When the vaporized refrigerant passes through the condenser unit, it is cooled back down to liquid form, and the cycle continues.

If there is a problem with the condenser unit, it will not cool down the refrigerant as it should, which will affect the function of the entire unit. Here are the most common signs that something might be wrong with the condenser unit and how an AC expert can troubleshoot and fix them.

1. When You Have Loud and Abnormal Noises Coming Out of the Unit

The condenser unit has several parts like fans, coils, a compressor, circuits, boards, tubes, and a motor working together. When one component fails, your unit will start making odd noises. For example, if the condenser is making screeching noises, the fan motor bearings have a problem. If the unit is making banging sounds, either the compressor's internal springs are short, or parts of the fan have become loose and are banging against one another.

Buzzing is typically caused by electrical problems in your system while high refrigerant pressure causes whistling. An AC professional will listen to the noises and use them to determine the source and repair it.

2. When the Unit Stops Cooling As Efficiently As Before

The condenser can stop efficiently cooling when there is damage in the parts. If your condenser unit is outside the house, debris might accumulate inside and interfere with the fan, motors, and belt, impairing the unit's function. Electrical failures can also affect the relays and capacitors, slowing down the efficiency of the condenser unit. 

Dirty condenser coils also minimize the surface area that the refrigerant passes through when getting cooled down, which slows down the cooling process. 

3. When the Unit Is Leaking Fluid

The refrigerant is the essential part of the condenser and the evaporator parts of your unit. If it starts leaking and the charge level goes down, it may be corroded. Corrosion causes leaks, and with a reduced level of refrigerant, your system will not cool efficiently.

You should call an AC technician for repairs as soon as you notice these signs so they can help fix the condenser problem. They will repair the unit and restore the efficiency of its function. Contact an air conditioning repair service for more information.