2 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Spot For Your New Central Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on: 18 September 2020


After going through a couple of hot summers without central air conditioning, you may have decided that you are ready to have a system installed. Since the unit itself will be positioned outside of your house, you may be having problems picking out a place for it to go. While you are trying to decide, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes when choosing a spot for your new AC unit.

1. Selecting a Location That Is Too Far Away from Your House

One mistake you should avoid when deciding on where to put your new unit is selecting a location that is too far away from your house. You may think that having the unit further away would not only make it so you do not hear it running, but it would also not mar the aesthetics of the area directly around your home.

However, there is a practical reason why your AC unit needs to be as close to the house as possible. If the air conditioner is too far away, it will have to push the cold air further so that it can reach your home. This increased distance would put a strain on the unit's compressor, potentially decreasing its lifespan and efficiency while increasing your cooling costs.

2. Picking an Area Surrounded by Trees, Bushes, and/or Tall Plants

Another mistake you should avoid when scoping out a location for your air conditioning unit is picking an area surrounded by trees, bushes, and/or tall plants. You may believe that the increased foliage would not only hide the unit, but it would also provide shade so that the unit does not have to work as hard to cool the air.

However, if there is too much foliage around the unit, air will not be able to flow around and into it as easily. As a result, the unit will actually have to work harder to pull the air in, which would decrease efficiency and increase strain and operating costs.

Not making the above mistakes when selecting a location for your AC unit can help to ensure it runs more efficiently without straining the compressor or sacrificing cool temperatures in your home. If you cannot decide on where to place the air conditioner, speak with an HVAC contractor who offers AC installation services who can scope out your property and help you select an ideal spot for the new unit.