The Air Conditioner Maintenance That Will Prevent Failures During Summer Heatwaves

Posted on: 4 August 2020


As the summer weather begins to get hotter, your AC has been running for a long time to keep your home cool. This can cause problems when you do not have the right maintenance done. If you want to prevent failures when you need the air conditioning the most, you will want to have your AC serviced regularly. The following AC maintenance will help prevent frustrating failures as the weather gets hotter:

Changing Filters and Maintaining Ductwork

The most important maintenance that needs to be done during the summer months is changing the air filter and checking the ducts. When the AC maintenance service changes the air filter of the system, they can also check the ductwork and plenum for problems with damage and air leaks that require repairs at the end of summer. Often, the issues with damage to the ductwork happen at the end of summer due to pests and weather. These problems need to be repaired before turning the air off and the heating on.

Checking the Compressor and Coils for Leaks

The compressor and coils of your air conditioner are working hard to keep your home cool, and this can lead to wear. The wear of these parts can cause the refrigerant gas to get low, and it may need to be charged to ensure the system is cooling as it should. When the AC service charges the system, they can also check the compressor and coil for leaks that could be the cause of gas getting low.

Cleaning the Condensing Unit to Prevent Freezing

The best way to prevent problems with leaks and low refrigerant gas is to clean the condensing unit. As the weather gets warmer at the end of the summer, there is going to be a lot more dirt, dust, and debris that causes the condensing unit to become dirty. Therefore, one of the tasks that you may want to have an AC service do for you is cleaning the condensing unit to prevent problems with freezing that can damage the compressor and coils.

Repairing Minor Electrical Problems Before They Cause Damage

There are also issues with the electrical parts and wiring that will need to be repaired before they cause problems. An HVAC maintenance technician can check the wiring of your AC to repair minor problems like frayed and damaged wiring. Repairing these problems now will ensure the AC does not fail when you need it the most.

These are the AC maintenance jobs that will help prevent frustrating failures during the summer heat. If you need to help with maintenance, contact an AC service to schedule regular service visits to ensure your cooling is working when you need it the most.