Learn More About New Furnaces

Posted on: 1 May 2020


If you have become tired of being cold in your house and decided to finally have a furnace installed, you'll probably have many questions. However, if you haven't bought a furnace and had one installed before, even knowing where to start with the questions can be difficult. Here are a few questions other people often ask who are in the position you are, so you may find reading these questions and answers to be very helpful to you.

How is it determined what the right size furnace will be?

You want a furnace fully capable of heating your home efficiently. However, you also want to make sure you don't get a furnace that is larger than what you need or you will be wasting money upfront on the cost of the furnace and waste money regularly on your energy bill. Also, both furnaces that are too small for your home or too large for your home will usually end up needing an abnormal number of repairs. In order to determine the right size of furnace, many contributing factors will be considered. These include things like the number of square feet of living space that your home has, the amount of insulation your home has, the number of household members there is, and even the number of windows that your home has.

 What different kinds of furnaces are there?

The majority of residential heating and cooling systems have a condenser and a furnace that fit in one housing unit. The unit can be placed on a cement pad on the side of your home or it can be mounted on the roof. One thermostat controls all the settings for the air conditioner, the heater, and the fan.

A natural gas furnace is often chosen for areas where the winter weather often dips below freezing because they are the most cost-effective option for home heating in most cases. Propane or oil furnaces also do a good job of heating. Electric furnaces do a great job of keeping the home warm, even in below-freezing temperatures. However, the electric heaters will cost you a bit more to run than the gas ones will cost you.

How noisy is a furnace?

Knowing how noisy a furnace will be can be important. The amount of noise you will experience from your furnace depends on the insulation of the combustion chamber. With newer furnaces, this isn't nearly as much of an issue as it was with older ones due to many of the newer models having sealed combustion chambers. If noise is a real concern for you, verify the furnace you choose has a sealed chamber. Another thing to know is that furnaces with the higher ratings also tend to be quieter. Central HVAC systems tend to be quite quiet inside the home since the unit is outside.

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