4 Simple HVAC Maintenance Tasks

Posted on: 31 March 2020


Most homeowners know that you should change your furnace filter at least once a month. However, you may not know there are a few other things you can do to keep your furnace and air conditioner in good shape. Here are four simple HVAC maintenance tasks anyone can do.

Vacuum Your Vents

Even with a well-maintained filter, some dust and dirt will find its way into your ductwork. As your system blows air on the vent registers, much of this dust will build up right at the ends of your ducts and on your vent registers.

Using a vacuum hose to clean your vents and ducts will ensure that every room is getting as much air as possible. Vacuum the vent until it's completely clean, and run the hose as far as you can into your ducts. This can get rid of minor blockages and improve airflow, but a professional duct cleaning is still the best way to ensure your system is blockage-free.

Keep the Condenser Clear

The outdoor condenser is responsible for dissipating heat and cycling refrigerant to your air conditioner, and it depends on airflow to do so. If the condenser isn't getting enough air, your air conditioner won't be able to cool your home properly.

To ensure ample airflow, keep grass and shrubbery trimmed down for a few inches around the condenser. If there is dust and debris on the outside of the unit, clean it with a vacuum hose. You may also need to turn the power off to the unit and vacuum the inside. If the aluminum fins on the sides of the condenser are bent, use a butter knife to straighten them and restore airflow.

Replace Insulation on Outside Lines

The AC lines that run indoors from your condenser need to be insulated to prevent condensation that reduces efficiency. Since they're exposed to the elements, the insulation on these lines is prone to rotting and crumbling away.

Replacing your AC line insulation is a simple process. Measure the diameter of the largest line -- the two smaller lines don't need insulation -- and order adhesive foam insulation that will fit. Wrap the line with insulating tape, cut the insulation to the length of the exposed line, and fit it over the line until the adhesive ends of the insulation touch.

When it comes to keeping your HVAC system in good shape, you don't have to sweat the small stuff. Use these simple maintenance tips to keep your heat and air running at peak efficiency!