Two Reasons Why Your Heating Expenses Are So High

Posted on: 20 February 2020


It's easy to get comfortable on a cold winter's day when you have a well-functioning heating system. The warmth makes you feel so toasty and provides a soothing cocoon that you can't wait to relax in. As good as it feels to unwind in a balmy house the stress of trying to maintain the warmth might be weighing you down. Your heating expenses could be climbing higher and may have even reached the point where you're thinking about suffering it out in the cold. Before you reduce that thermostat and subject yourself to frigid temperatures check to see if one of the following causes is behind your soaring heating costs. 

Your Insulation Is On The Decline

Insulation is a very important ingredient in any household. Good insulation keeps you from hearing every little sound that happens outside of the house and helps to keep critters out. You may not be aware of the close relationship between heating expenses and the quality of your insulation but there is a real connection there that must be acknowledged.

Your insulation is just as subject to deterioration as any other aspect of your house. As time goes on, insulation eventually starts to thin out, and when this happens, the air envelope that locked in your indoor air isn't as tight as it used to be. More of your warm air is able to leak out and the heating system has to make up for the difference by pulling on more electricity or natural gas just to maintain a pleasant climate in your residence.

The Filters Are Dirty

When you have a lot on your plate it's easy to overlook even the most simple fix. The reason for your high heating bills could be that your filter needs to be switched out. Filters pick up dirt and debris each time they operate and if you don't take the time to put in fresh ones you might start to feel the neglect in your pocket.

Pull out your calendar and pencil in a few reminders about changing the filters. It's a very quick process that can help you save major bucks each month on your heating bill.

If you investigate these options and your heating costs still don't decrease the problem might be more serious than you think. Ask a heating service to come to your property and perform an inspection to get down to the bottom of the situation.