Heating Problems From An HVAC System

Posted on: 14 May 2018


When a central heating system begins to have a problem with keeping a house warm, it is usually due to the furnace needing some attention. In some cases, other aspects of the system can interfere with the amount of heat that is sent into your house through the vents. An HVAC contractor should be contacted if your system is experiencing problems that you have been unable to pinpoint and repair on your own. He or she will bring tools to your house so certain parts of the system can be disassembled and inspected so the contractor will know if they should be repaired or receive other types of maintenance. This article discusses some of the typical things that are found to be problematic when a central heating system fails to produce heat to the extent that it is capable of.

The Orifice is Blocked

The orifice is one of the most important parts of a furnace, especially for the types that run off of gas. The reason why is due to it creating an exit point for the flame that is produced by the burner. Fire comes out of the orifice of the pilot so that combustion can take place and create enough heat for your house. An orifice might not function properly after it has been left without maintenance for a long time and dirt accumulates inside of the hole. A blocked orifice makes it difficult for a flame to properly flare-up, which leads to no heat being created.

Burner Issues Are Present

When the orifice isn't the problem, the burner in the furnace might be where you should turn your attention to. The only way for a flame to flare-up through the orifice is if the burner is able to produce one. Rust is the main culprit that can damage a furnace burner, as the part is made of metal. A burner might need to be replaced if an HVAC contractor isn't able to get rid of the rust. Keep in mind that dirt can also create a blockage in the furnace when there is a large amount of it. A dirty burner can easily be cleaned if you leave it in the hands of a professional contractor.

Important Parts Need Maintenance

The air ducts and blower fan assembly are important parts of an HVAC system that should receive maintenance more than once per year if you use the system a lot. The reason why is because those are the parts that are likely to continuously accumulate dirt that can interfere with the overall efficiency of the system. Maintenance can be as simple as getting the parts cleaned by a contractor.

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