2 Ways To Improve Your Heat Efficiency

Posted on: 30 December 2017


Your heating system needs some TLC if you are going to get maximum efficiency out of it. Obviously, there are a lot of HVAC repairs that need to be professionally handled, but there are some things that homeowners can do on their own. This article explains two ways you can help to keep up your heating system, even if you have no experience working with HVAC systems.

Change Your Air Return Filter

One key to an efficient and productive heater is good airflow. That is, no matter how hot the air is coming out of your furnace, if it is not being properly circulated throughout your entire home, it obviously isn't going to be very efficient. The best way to maintain decent airflow is to regularly change your air return filter. The air return is a large register mounted on your wall. At this register, the air is sucked back in (or returned) to the furnace. This helps to circulate air and keeps it fresh and filtered.

However, if the return filter is not regularly change, it could result in several problems. First of all, your airflow will be slower Second of all, dirty air can get sucked into your furnace, causing certain components, like the pump and blower, to get dirty. If these components are being slow down by dirty air, your entire furnace will struggle to be productive. Basically, it will use more electricity in order to compensate for the weaken airflow. 

Ultimately, dirtier can also shorten the lifespan of your furnace. So, changing the return air filter is essential. Filters are cheap and easy to replace. Most filters only have a lifespan of about six months, or shorter, so you want to make sure you replace them as recommended.

Clean the Evaporator

Another easy way to help increase the efficiency of your heater is to clean the evaporator system. Evaporator consist of copper coils which can get dirty over time, especially if your furnace is located in a garage or basement where there is a lot of dust. Most evaporators are mounted in a box that is attached to the outside of the main furnace cabinet. When you open the evaporator box, you will see the A-shaped coils. Basically, you want to delicately clean coils and make sure there is no severe dust or dirt blocking them.

With a clean evaporator and air return filter, you will be doing your part to ensure your heater is efficient. Contact a service, like Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc, for more help.