The Importance Of The Condenser Hose

Posted on: 6 September 2017


Does it feel like the air coming out of your vents is not as cold as powerful as it should be? If you are experiencing reduced airflow, there could be a number of possible problems. Before you call in an HVAC professional to check out your system, you should run a few checks yourself. You might be able to identify and fix the problem very easily. One of the most common causes of weak airflow is a disconnected or damaged condenser hose. This article explains how to check if your hose is damaged, and how to fix the most common problems:

Where is the Condenser Hose?

The condenser hose runs from the backside of the unit and into the walls. From there it leads into your air furnace and ducts. The small section of hose that is outside is the most vulnerable. One end is fitted on to the back of the condenser and the other is attached to the fitting on the wall of the building.

Common Problems with the Hose

Since this hose is outside and exposed to the elements, it can become detached at either end quite easily. If you have pets, you should frequently check the hose to make sure it is securely attached. Even if the condenser is just slightly nudged, either end of the hose could get knocked off of the fitting, or just become a little loose. Even a little nudge could result in an air leak that prevents a majority of the air from actually being blown into your air ducts. As a result, your furnace and condenser both have to work harder to pump cold air into your rooms. This can increase your electricity usage and utility bills.

Checking Your Hose

The first thing you want to do is check the hose to make sure it is securely attached on both ends. If you have some duct tape, you can reinforce the attachments and prevent them from getting knocked loose again. You should also check the actual hose to make sure there are no holes or leaks. If there are a few holes, it might be easier to just replace the hose completely instead of trying to tape it up.

Usually, people fail to check their hose and they never identified the problem. As long as you are vigilant and regularly do some HVAC maintenance, you can prevent such small and easily fixable problems from becoming an issue. 

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