Common Problems With A Central Air Conditioner

Posted on: 14 July 2017


Does your house have a central air conditioning system that you are unable to enjoy because it doesn't work? Have you avoided getting the system fixed because of the possible fees that might be involved? Depending on why the system stopped working, you might only need to pay for a minor repair so it can be used. It is also a good idea to get the system thoroughly cleaned if it has been out of order for a long time, as large amounts of dust may have accumulated on important parts. Browse the list in this article for some common problems that can cause a central air conditioning system to stop functioning.

Air is Warm

If you are only able to feel warm air, there are actually several areas of the system that might need the attention of a technician. The main part of the system that should be inspected when there is no cool air coming out is the evaporator coil. The reason why is because the coil is the main area of the system in which cool air is produced. It is also a good idea to ask a technician to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of coolant in the system, as the evaporator coil needs it to cool warm air off. Getting the air filter cleaned can improve the amount of coolness that the system is able to produce as well.

No Power

If there is no sound or any signs that the system works at all, the problem might not be as serious is it seems, or you might need a new system installed. For example, no power for the system might simply stem from no electricity flowing to it. A tripped circuit breaker could be the root of the problem, so make sure all of your circuit breakers are on. Keep in mind that even if the breakers are on, it is possible that they are in need of a repair by an electrician. No sound from the system could point to the motor in the air handler not working, but a technician can replace it if necessary.

Too Much Noise

If there is a large amount of noise along with the system not producing cold air, focus your attention on the air handler. The reason why is because the noise can stem from a damaged fan or motor. Individual parts inside of the handler might have to be replaced, or the entire air handler might be worn out. If there are numerous system problems, consider getting a new one installed in your house.

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