Three Reasons Why Your AC Efficiency Is Down In The Dumps

Posted on: 26 June 2017


Have you noticed that your energy bills have recently gone through the roof? If your bills are a lot higher than they typically have been during months when you use your air conditioner, then it's important to take a close look at your AC system and figure out why its energy efficiency has decreased so dramatically. Here are three common reasons why this happens.

1. Your AC filter is clogged

There's a filter that sits between your air conditioner's fan and the main air duct. It is meant to catch dust particles and other fine particles so they don't blow through your air ducts and all over your home. If the filter gets too dirty and clogged with dust, it becomes harder for your air conditioner to push air through it. In other words, the air conditioner is forced to work harder and harder, and it takes more energy for it to operate.

Luckily, changing your air filter is easy. Pull on the end of the filter to slide it out of its slot. Go buy one of the same size at your hardware store, and then slide the new filter into place with the arrow pointing down.

2. The blower motor is malfunctioning

If the blower motor on your air conditioner is starting to "go", then this could explain the inefficiency. There are a number of problems that can appear as a blower motor ages. The ball bearings can begin wearing out, the belt can become loose or frayed, and the electrical connection can become faulty. Try standing down in your basement while the air conditioner runs. Do you hear any rattling or squeaking? These are signs that your blower motor is ailing and about to fail. Contact your HVAC technician. They can tell you whether replacing or repairing your blower motor is a better choice.

3. Your air vents are blocked

Chances are, you have multiple air vents throughout your home. Your air conditioner is designed to blow air through all of these vents. If some of the vents become blocked--or you close them willingly--the pressure inside your ducts may build up. The air conditioner then has to work extra hard to push air through the pressurized ducts, and this leads to an increase in energy bills.

Check to ensure there's no furniture or other items in front of your air vents. Also, open any vents that are closed. This should bring your air conditioner back to its higher level of efficiency. Talk with a company like Total Comfort Heating & Air Condition for more information.