Three Things You Don't Want To Overlook When Turning Off Your Furnace For Spring.

Posted on: 8 June 2017


It can be easy to forget all about your furnace once summer rolls around, but this can be one of the prime times to make sure it is in good repair. There are things you don't want to overlook, since they could cost you more later. The following list includes some of the things to avoid.

#1: Not performing a final filter replacement

The best time to do the final filter replacement of the season is when you switch off the furnace for summer. You don't want to leave all that dust and dirt in the filter for several months, nor do you want to forget to change it the following fall. Remove the old filter and vacuum out the filter slot to remove any excess debris. Then, sweep around the furnace and make sure there is no dust or dirt nearby, especially if you have a pilot light that it could interfere with. Finally, replace the old filter with a new one so your furnace will be ready to fire on next year.

#2: Ignoring the fuel levels

For those with an oil furnace, it may seem like a cost saving plan to skip oil fills once the weather begins to warm. Unfortunately, this could damage the furnace if the oil levels are low at the end of the heating season. This is because allowing a tank to set nearly empty means that debris and deposits may get stirred up when it is filled again in a few months. This debris can clog the fuel lines and lead to a break down. Instead, get a partial fill up at the end of the season. This gives time for any debris to settle before you turn on the furnace again in the fall. You can then safely get a full fill up in mid summer when the prices are generally lower.

#3: Skipping a maintenance check

After a long season of running your home, your furnace should undergo a routine inspection. An HVAC company, like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air, will check the blower and mower, as well as the heating elements, pilot lights, or fuel lines to your furnace. Moving parts will be lubricated, and any worn parts will be replaced. Many people put this service off until fall, but spring is a better time to have it performed. This is in part because prices may be lower and it's easier to get an appointment because demand for the service is low. Also, having it done in spring ensures your furnace will work properly when you need it most during the first cold snap of the year.

For more help, contact a heating contractor in your area.