2 Things That Can Cause Problems With Your HVAC Unit

Posted on: 24 May 2017


If you have an HVAC unit that provides your home with air conditioning and heat, then you need to ensure you keep it in good condition. These units are not cheap and the last thing you want to do is to replace it before its time. To prevent anything from happening below are two things that could damage the unit.


Your HVAC unit can withstand a lot of abuse, including heavy rains and hail. This is because the internal electrical components inside the HVAC unit are all sealed. The connections are also made impervious from any kind of moisture. The condenser and compressor are made of copper, aluminum, and other heavy metals. These metals can stand up well to moisture.

Even though all of this is true, heavy rains may lead to problems. For example, if you have strong winds during a heavy rain there may be flying debris that hits the condenser fan grille. Also, winds can carry dirt, twigs, and leaves that can get inside the unit.

If you have a heavy rain, go outside and check your unit when the storm is over. You can inspect the grill and fan yourself, as it is under a grate on the side of the unit. You can remove the grate and look at the fan. The blades should be straight and if they are bent, the fan cannot push air through the system correctly. When you have the grate open, shine a flashlight inside the unit to see if you see any debris.

New Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can make your life easier as you can control the temperature much better in your home when compared to a traditional thermostat. If you have just purchased a new programmable thermostat you may not be using it correctly. For example, you may set the temperature at a low setting to run all day and night. This can make your unit work much harder to maintain the temperature.

Learn how to use it properly and develop a schedule on how you cool the temperature in your home. For example, you could set the thermostat at a higher temperature when you are not home during the day, and then set it to come on at a certain time in the early evening to be at a lower temperature. This way you will have a nice, cool home to walk into.

The most important thing you can do for your unit is to have it serviced by an HVAC contractor. They will provide maintenance to ensure your unit is running efficiently. Consider having it serviced twice a year, once at the beginning of spring and then again at the beginning of fall.

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